General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions with Answers


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#1. From where has the evidence of plowed fields been found under the Harappan civiization?

#2. World cancer day is celebrated every year on which date?

#3. Which of the following Harrapan sites was in Gujarat?

#4. By which other name is Mohenjodaro is known?

#5. What is the permanent memory of a computer called?

#6. Who among the following is called the father of Gene therapy?

#7. From which language is the word ecology originated?

#8. Who presided over the Belgaum session of the Indian National Congress in 1924?

#9. Who among the following founded the All India Muslim league?

#10. Which of the following infectious disease does not spread directly from one human to another?


#11. Who said the statement that Mahatma Gandhi is a Half-Naked Fakir?

#12. The non-cooperation movement was started by?

#13. Which region is considered the biblical 'Garden of Eden"?

#14. Which country is called the 'cockpit of Europe'?

#15. In which city of the state is the famous baba Oughdarnath temple?

#16. Which od the following is the largest circle?

#17. Rubber is added to vulcanization

#18. Which scientist first used the word ecosystem?

#19. What is the tenure of the members of Rajya Sabha?

#20. The first finance commission was constituted by?


#21. Which place of Indus civilization is located in India?

#22. Who gave the title of "Sardar' to Vallabhbhai Patel?

#23. Which river originates from Amarkantak plateau?

#24. Which is the largest digestive gland in human body?

#25. Which of the following animal does not ruminate?